Distribution Service

As a certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) and Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE), Adaptive Green is uniquely positioned to assist general contractors and subcontractors with meeting diversity procurement requirements.

In addition to our installation services as a contractor and design services as a consultant, or as a stand-alone offering, Adaptive Green can be a distribution partner to secure materials on your behalf and provide certification compliance documentation (MBE, DBE, LBE, etc.) to meet diversity participation goals.

As an experienced contractor, we understand the importance of service & support through various stages of a construction project. We also value expedience and precision from our partners in the dynamic scheduling environment often present on projects to assist us in delivering for our customers – so it makes sense to us to offer the same standard to you as a distribution partner.

Our Expertise

Adaptive Green’s team has more than a decade of experience in rooftop technologies and urban stormwater design, such as roofing/waterproofing, green roofs, and green infrastructure for stormwater management, having designed and installed over three-quarters of a million square feet. It is in these industries where we can provide the most assistance.

As a part of the distribution services Adaptive Green can consult on product selection, specification review and analysis, manufacturer warranty compliance, submittals, and design assistance & documentation.

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Zach Waliullah, CSI, CDT, GRP

Director of Distribution

E: zach@adaptivegreen.com

O: (844) 868-9883 ext 1124

C: (815) 975-1481