We create green roofs in Washington, District of Columbia

Adaptive Green engineers, designs, installs, and maintains green roofs and other products that encourage our clients to utilize their buildings to their full potential.


We are a leader in the Washington DC green roof market and are one of the only Certified Business Enterprise (CBE) green roof specific firms.

Choosing a green roof from Adaptive Green

In 2017, Washington DC led North America in the most square footage of green roof installations. Since then, Washington DC has been at the forefront of the green roof industry, paving the way for other cities to invest in green roofs.

Washington DC stormwater runoff issue

Stormwater runoff has, in the past, been a significant issue in Washington DC. Poorly managed stormwater runoff can pick up pollutants and wash them into waterways. This poses a major environmental issue and can result in the damaging of homes, businesses, and natural habitats. While rainwater harvesting and infiltration practices such as permeable paving can be implemented, Green roof systems are one of the most effective and financially beneficial solutions to managing stormwater runoff. Green roofs also provide a range of other economic and environmental benefits, making them the perfect property investment in Washington DC.

DOEE stormwater management requirements

To combat the stormwater runoff issue, the Department of Energy & Environment (DOEE) has implemented water management requirements. All large development projects in Washington DC must employ measures to manage stormwater runoff post-construction. While there are different ways of doing this, green roofs are one of the most popular and successful solutions. To further incentivize the installation of green roofs, the DOEE offers a rebate of $10 – $15 per square foot for voluntary installations of green roofs around the District. The specific rebate amount is dependent on the location of the green roof. If located within the combined sewer system the rebate is $10 per square foot and if located within the municipal storm sewer system the rebate is $15 per square foot.

Benefits of a green roof

A green roof offers way more than just a beautiful sight. While green roofs improve the aesthetic appeal of a building, they also yield an extensive list of both economic and environmental benefits. Benefits include increased property value, extended roof life, lower energy costs, tax and regulatory incentives, improved air quality, improved stormwater management, reduced urban heat, and reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

In addition to the generic benefits above, installing a green roof will enable you to be in compliance with DOEE regulations, manage stormwater runoff, and take advantage of the DOEE rebate for voluntary green roof installment.