We create green roofs in New York

Adaptive Green engineers, designs, installs, and maintains green roofs and other products that enable clients to realize the full potential of their buildings. We are a leader in the New York green roof industry, having designed and installed the United Nations green roof and over half a million square feet of green roof and stormwater management systems throughout the country.

Adaptive Green is a Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) with New York State and City, and New York City School Construction Authority.

Choosing a green roof

New York City has over one million buildings with rooftops that cover approximately 40,000 acres, making green roofs instrumental to improving New York’s sustainability. There are numerous different grants such as the New York City Department of Environmental Protection Green Infrastructure grant that will fully reimburse a green roof installation and the New York State Property Tax Abatement that incentivize green roof installation. Furthermore, the passing of NYC’s Climate Mobilization Act, Local Laws 92 and 94, requires either solar panels or green roofs on all new construction as well as any buildings making major roof renovations.

Local Law 92 and 94

Local Law 94 requires that all new construction as well as significant renovations create what is called a sustainable roofing zone. The applicable renovations include modifications to an existing roof requiring a permit and horizontal and vertical extensions. This law applies to all buildings in NYC and means that they must cover all usable roof space with either vegetation such as sedum, solar panels (photovoltaic), or electricity-generating systems or a combination of the three. Some roofs are exempt from the requirements. For instance, roof replacement projects involving a new roof membrane or insulation can be exempt.

Benefits of a green roof

A green roof offers way more than just a beautiful sight. While green roofs improve the aesthetic appeal of a building, they also yield an extensive list of both economic and environmental benefits. Benefits include increased property value, extended roof life, lower energy costs, tax and regulatory incentives, improved air quality, improved stormwater management, reduced urban heat, and reduced greenhouse gas emissions.